Morocco Day Trips that create life-long memories

We love nothing more than helping visiting friends to discover the heart and soul of Morocco, from the magnificent Atlas Mountains to the shores of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, our Morocco day trips will leave a heart-felt and beautiful impression on your soul.

Safe, secure and complete with an experienced and friendly guide driving a luxury 4wd vehicle, Morocco Sunny Days day-trip excursions offer amazing value on memorable visits.

Customize your Morocco day trip

While we run some amazing day trips around Morocco at affordable prices, we’re happy to work with you to build your perfect custom day trip. Just get in touch for booking details to find out more >>

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view of Asni from a day trip

Day Trip To Asni

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1700pm

Visit the beautiful town of Asni in the foothills of the mighty Atlas Mountains. The dramatic valley setting of this Berber village makes for an extremely photogenic day trip.
Asni Day Trip>>

Essaouira harbour

Day Trip To Essaouira

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1800pm

Explore the stunning coastal town of Essaouira – a World Heretiage site and home to picturesque walled ramparts, amazing food and a life-time of memories waiting for you.
Essaouira Day Trip>>

stepping stones to Ait Ben Haddou

Day Trip To Ouarzazate

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1800pm

Travel to Ouarzazate and be awed by the views from the Tizi N’Tichka pass in the Atlas Mountains before reaching the jaw-dropping Kabash of Ait Ben Haddou.
Ouarzazate Day Trip>>

Oukaimeden lake

Day Trip To Oukaimeden

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1700pm

Take in the views from the highest and best-equiped resort in the Atlas Mountains – Oukaimeden. In Winter, skiing and snowboarding is available, but the views in Summer are simply stunning.
Oukaimeden Day Trip>>

Ourika Valley

Day Trip To Ourika Valley

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0830am – 1700pm

Escape the city to the Ourika Valley where you can bask in the peace of a natural landscape filled with waterfalls, rivers, gardens and steep hillsides – a favorite with Moroccans!
Ourika Valley Day Trip>>

ouzoud falls

Day Trip To Ouzound Falls

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1730pm

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco you can’t have missed photos of our Ouzound Falls – a 100m+ high series of waterfalls and plunge pools straight out of a fairytale.
Ouzoud Falls Day Trip>>

Safe, Secure and Luxurious Day Trips through Morocco

At Morocco Sunny Days, we’re completely in love with our country and we’re dedicated to making sure visitors from far and wide get the most out of their day trips while feeling safe and comfortable.

We found that while there were many day trip companies running from Marrakech, few are able to offer the security, comfort and reliability of our 4wd all-terrain vehicles, chosen at great expense to allow us to offer the very best to our travelling clients.

Our guides are carefully chosen and their destination and route knowledge vetted to ensure that our guests share their Moroccan day trip with a friendly, knowledgeable and wise companion, enhancing their trip through this beautiful country.

Morocco Sunny Days trip adviser ratings

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Morocco Day Trips FAQs

Can I customize my day morocco day trip?

Yes! With enough notice, Morocco Sunny Days can expertly research and combine all elements of your day trip to create a perfect bespoke experience for you and your travelling companions.

Of course, this may effect the price of the trip as some elements may become more expensive, however we have never come across a custom day-trip request we have not been able to satisfy. Try us out by getting in touch with your perfect day-trip idea, and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

What destinations are available?

Morocco Sunny Days primarily runs day-trips and tours from Marrakech, and therefore destinations are usually within a few hours drive from our city centre base.

For exotic Moroccan destinations a little further away, we run a fantastic series of cross-country tours allowing guests luxurious as well as budget over-night stays at a wide range of locations.

Check out our Morocco Tours page for more details – each one can be customized to your liking!

Who are your day-trips suitable for?

Most of our day-trips are completely family friendly due to the comfortable and safe nature our all-terrain vehicles. However, some trips such as those that travel in the mountains may be too much for those who are particularly young or particularly old as they may involve a physical element to the journey or drastic changes in altitude or weather.

If you have questions about your health and ability to travel, or for another travelling companion, please get in touch for further details about the trip you are planning, and consider consulting a medical professional before booking.

What are the best day trips from Marrakech?

We can say with confidence that the day trips we have listed above are among the very best day trips from Marrakech, offering visitors a fantastic choice between sunny ancient harbors, world heritage sites, lush green valleys, stunning waterfalls and awe-inspiring mountains – the choice is yours!

What do guests eat on the day trips?

At Morocco Sunny Days, what our guests eat and where they eat it will naturally differ between trips, however it will usually consist of hot meat and vegetarian options served in host venues, carefully vetted for their hygiene standards and authentic flavor.

We understand that many people have specific dietary requirements, which we can usually cater for providing we are given sufficient advanced notice.

Is it safe to travel through Morocco?

With a trained guide and in safe, secure vehicles like those trips operated by Morocco Sunny Days, you are assured of a safe trip.

Morocco has it’s share of problems like any country but most crimes involving tourists usually revolve around small scams and pick-pocketing.

Having a guide who can instruct you on the safest practices helps you minimize this risk.

Are there any rules or laws to be aware of?

Morocco has a unique culture and with a unique set of laws supporting it, however there is little to worry about.

We’ve published a list of the rules you should be aware of here so that you can move freely around this beautiful country without fear of falling foul of a law you didn’t know about.

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