Plan Your Day Trip To Ouzoud Falls

  • Famous Moroccan waterfalls
  • Boat ride opportunities
  • See monkeys
  • Moroccan nature at its best
  • Worth the journey from Marrakech

Day Trip To Ouzoud Falls

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1730pm
Travel Time: Approximately 2.5 hrs  to destination (5 hours total)
Transport: Luxury 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser
Max Travellers: 4 per vehicle.
Food: Lunch provided

Ouzoud Falls Trip Itinerary

We’re yet to take a day trip to the beautiful Ouzoud Falls that said it wasn’t worth the journey, especially when the trip is completed in our luxury 4wd vehicles.

There’s not a Moroccan travel brochure worth its salt that doesn’t photograph or feature the ‘Cascades d’Ouzoud’; a stunning set of cascading plunge pools reaching well over 300ft, surrounded by striking rock formations, fascinating flora and monkeys!

We’ll travel in style direct to the falls where we can organize anything from boat trips along the Oued Tissakht, bird watching expeditions, monkey encounters or even nearby quad biking adventures.

Of course, food is available for lunch at one of the fantastic hotels and restaurants that surround the falls. Although still a mainly rural area, Ouzoud Falls is a popular Moroccan day trip from Marrakech and big pull for travelers, so the locals are quite used to handling Western tastes and hygiene standards.

Please, let us know about any food allergies or intolerences before you travel so we can make arrangements to cater to them.

Finally, we’ll return you safe and satisfied back to Marrakech for around 5.30pm.

Visit Ouzoud Falls your way

You may have noticed that apart from our cars, our departure and arrival times and the promise of a delicious lunch that our Ouzoud day trip itinerary seems a little vague?

That’s because this trip is whatever you want it to be – we believe people have the best Moroccan day trips when they are given more control over the itinerary.

So please get in touch to let us know what you’d like to do on your visit to the famed Cascades d’Ouzoud and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

Ouzound Falls Day Trip FAQs

How far is Ourika Valley from Marrakech

The distance is around 160km, which can take between 2.5 and 3 hours drive depending on the conditions. We can only promise that the waterfalls are well worth the drive.

Are Cascades d'Ouzoud and The Ouzound Falls the same thing?

Yes, Cascades d’Ouzoud means The Falls of Ouzoud or Ouzoud Waterfalls in French, as Morocco has a long history with France.

What about Monkeys at Ouzoud Falls?

It’s true, there are monkeys at Ouzoud Falls, more specifically Barbary Macaque monkeys – a small, brown and cute variety.

Although wild, some of the monkeys have become pretty tame. It’s really tempting to get up close with them, but we advise guests do so at their own risk – wild animals can be unpredictable.

Can we swim in the Ouzoud falls?

Yes, it is often possible to take a dip in the falls – just let us know about your intentions to do so as there are a few rules you may wish to follow.

What other activities are available on the Ouzoud falls trip?

You may be able to take a ride on a rigid inflatable into the plunge pools themselves, and there is also a popular quad-biking activity nearby. Other than that, enjoy the monkeys and the huge range of birds that visit the falls.

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Ouzoud falls Trips and Tours

The Ouzoud falls are famous in Morocco and beyond, and we at Morocco Sunny Days want you to experience them at their best, having been safely delivered to them in comfort and style.

Ouzound trips can also be combined with other day trips, overnight stays and even nation-wide tours if you wish – just get in touch for more details and we can help you build a custom Morocco tours itinerary to give you and your travelling companions and unforgettable experience in this beautiful country.

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