Plan Your Day Trip To Ourika Valley

  • Escape busy Marrakech for peace and beauty
  • Just 1 hour's drive time
  • Rivers, steep valley slopes
  • Wonderful gardens and monuments
  • Travel in safety and comfort

Day Trip To Ourika Valley

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0830am – 1700pm
Travel Time: Approximately 1hr  to destination (2 hours total)
Transport: Luxury 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser
Max Travellers: 4 per vehicle.
Food: Lunch provided

Ourika Valley Trip Itinerary

The shortest Moroccan day trip that we run from Marrakech, the trip to Ourika Valley is a bargain when it comes to travel time, with just 1 hour spend in the luxury of our Toyota Landcruiser before arriving in the fresh and lush paradise of Ourika Valley.

Setting off from Marrakech half an hour later than our usual day trips, you will travel just 30km outside the city, but due to the drastic change in landscape it will feel like you’ve gone 200km!

Due to the small travel time, your trip to Ourika Valley is highly customizable, allowing you time to explore, sit and enjoy the scenery featuring steep farmed and natural hillside, discover a Berber village or seek out the beautiful gardens and monuments for which the area is famed.

Because of the proximity to Marrkech, don’t be surprised if you share Ourika Valley with local Moroccans enjoying a well-deserved break, especially during the holidays – it really is a favorite beauty spot for so many.

Lunch will be provided, with tastes and intolerences catered for as best as possible – but please remember this is primarily a rural landscape and therefore options for eating out are relatively limited.

However, the food that is available is delicious – just speak with your trip operator beforehand.

Visit Ourika Valley your way

We want your day trip to Ourika Valley to create memories that last you a lifetime, so if there is any way we can make your visit better by making extra stops, seeking out something special, changing your departure and arrival times or even booking you overnight accommodation, then please let us know.

At Morocco Sunny Days we operate a bespoke service, allowing almost all aspects of your Ourika Valley day trip to be customized to your liking and to your budget, so please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry and let us know what you’re thinking.

Ourika Valley Day Trip FAQs

How far is Ourika Valley from Marrakech

About 35km which equates to around 1 hour’s travel time from Marrakech. With Morocco Sunny Days, the trip is completed in the comfort and safety of a modern Toyota Landcruiser which can spacious accommodate up to 4 travelers.

What kind of food is available in Ourika Valley?

A selection of delicious local cuisine can be provided on this day trip, usually involving both meat and vegetarian options. Food intolerences and allergies can usually be accounted for given sufficient notice.

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Ourika Valley Trips and Tours

Ourika Valley is just a 1 hour drive from the heart of Marrakech, and many people choose to customize their day trip by choosing more stop-off points for a truly memorable and photogenic trip – we’re happy to accommodate this where possible!

But at Morocco Sunny Days we don’t just provide amazing day-long experiences. Why not consider combining your trip to Ourika Valley with a tour of the region from the comfort and safety of our 4wd Landcruisers?

Here for longer? We also run nationwide tours that go via Oukaimeden >>

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