Plan Your Day Trip To Ouarzazate

  • Discover the gateway to the Sahara
  • 19th Century palace Taourirt Kasbah
  • Visit ancient Aït Ben Haddou
  • Scenes from Gladiator filmed here
  • Panoramic of the Sahara Desert

Day Trip To Ouarzazate

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1800pm
Travel Time: Approximately 3.5/4.0 hours to destination (7 hours total)
Transport: Luxury 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser
Max Travellers: 4 per vehicle.
Food: Lunch provided

Ouarzazate Trip Itinerary

Our Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech is certainly one of our longest in terms of travel time, but it’s also one of our highest rated when it comes to guest satisfaction, because Ouarzazate is simply so amazing and well worth the journey.

An early start in one of our luxury Toyota Landcruisers will whisk your and your companions from the busy center of Marrakech, up through the Tizi N’Tichka pass in the high Atlas Mountains (with stops for pictures), and back down the other side.

The trip will pass by Ait Ben Haddou – a UNESCO World Heritage site which alone would make the journey worth your while. Ait Ben Haddou can be visited before heading to Ouarzazate, or on the return journey as per your wishes.

On to Ouarzazate itself, where the stunning Taourirt Kasbah may be on your itinerary, as well as a chance to explore, each and try out the local wares.

You may also wish to visit the Atlas Film Studios, chill out at Fint Oasis, or jump on a quad bike – with Morocco Sunny Days almost every aspect of your day trip to Ouarzazate can be customized to your liking or budget.

As always with Morocco Sunny Days trips, lunch will be served at a restaurant or cafe which has been carefully vetted for tastes, preferences and intolerances.

This is a trip you will never forget, featuring stunning natural and man-made scenes of both modern and ancient design – one that we simply cannot recommend enough.

Visiting Ouarzazate your way

In Moroccan culture, we believe a guest’s wishes and preferences should always be accommodated for wherever possible, and at Morocco Sunny Days we stick to this tradition by making all the elements of our day trips customizable.

If you want to visit Ouarzazate from Marrakech, or even some of the outlying locations and have a specific itinerary of things you want to do, see or even eat, let us know and we’ll help you create a bespoke trip to Ouarzazate that you’ll cherish the memory of for years to come.

Ait Ben Haddou in particular is a highlight of this amazing trip, so don’t be surprised if we recommend it highly!

Ouarzazate Day Trip FAQs

How long is the trip between Marrakech and Ouarzazate?

Ouarzazate is around 3 and a half to 4 hours drive from Marrakech. It can be quite difficult to say precisely due to the mountainous terrain that must be covered. However, because of the amazing scenic nature of the journey including snow-capped mountain ranges and arid basins, few travelers ever consider the trip to be a long one as they’re too busy enjoying the views!

What kind of food is available on this trip?

Depending on where you wish to eat on your trip to Ouarzazate, there are a few different options for lunch available through our network of carefully vetted cafes and restaurants both in and around Ouarzazate as well as around Ait Ben Haddou.

Food intolerences and taste can be accounted for providing we are informed in advance. In most cases, we will suggest a food vendor that produces high quality local cuisine, however in some cases a more western meal may be accessible.

How many people can the car take to Ouarzazate?

Our Toyota Landcruisers can comfortably accommodate 4 people, however we additional vehicles can be provided should you wish to visit Ouarzazate with more companions.

What about visiting Ait Ben Haddou?

The amazing Ait Ben Haddou is the jewel in the crown of this already amazingly scenic trip. We never tire of visiting this amazing living monument to Morocco’s culture, and we will certainly accommodate anyone wishing to visit it and spend time there.

Is a trip to Ouarzazate safe?

Crime in Ouarzazate is lower than in big cities like Marrakech and you are highly unlikely to feel threatened by the overwhelming friendly locals.

That being said, common sense should prevail and visitors should be aware that scammers and pickpockets have been known to target tourists, and those staying overnight should take care to remain in tourist areas.

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Ouarzazate Trips and Tours Service

Even when guests who have toured the whole of Morocco, one of the first things they will tell people about is Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate – the enchanting ancient fortified village and the ‘Gateway to the Sahara’.

We have been honored to safely deliver many guests to both of these distinctly Moroccan locations, and we hope to be helping you arrange your own custom trip soon.

Almost every aspect of your visit to Ouarzazate can be customized through Morocco Sunny Days, including the travel times and the length of stay.

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