Plan Your Day Trip To Asni

  • Explore Berber village
  • Drive through Atlas Mountains
  • See Kasbah Toubkal
  • Snow-capped mountains
  • Peaceful and awe-inspiring trip

Day Trip To Asni

Departure/Arrival Location: Marrakech
Departure/Arrival Times: 0800am – 1700pm
Travel Time: Approximately 2 hours to destination (4 hours total)
Transport: Luxury 4×4 Toyota Landcruiser
Max Travellers: 4 per vehicle.
Food: Lunch provided

Asni Trip Itinerary

We love visiting Asni – easily one of our favorite Morocco day trips, and enjoy it even more when we are able to bring visitors to this beautiful, relaxed and jaw-droppingly beautiful part of Morocco.

Depending on the conditions, travel should take approximately 1 to 2 hours by road up into the high Atlas Mountains until we reach our destination. Rugged and constructed from more traditional mountainous Moroccan materials, Asni will begin to reveal its secrets to you as you venture around.

Lunch will be served at a carefully vetted location so that dietary and hygiene requirements are met as best as possible. If you have specific requirements or intolerances, please let us know when you book your day trip.

Due to the proximity to Marrakech, this day trip allows visitors an extraordinary amount of time to explore Asni, to relax and get their bearings in Morocco – soak it up while you can!

Visit Kasbah Toubkal

A real jewel in the crown is the famous Kasbah Toubkal, which was also used for the filming of Seven Years In Tibet due to it’s amazing archetecture and stunning mountainous location, reportedly boasting the “best roof-top views in North Africa” – quite the claim, but having visited many times and witnessed so many of our guest’s reactions, we can understand its truth.

Asni Day Trip FAQs

How far is Asni by car?

If you are travelling for Marrakech then you should budget around 2 hours of travel time due to often unpredicatable conditions. This can be increased in Winter as the Atlas mountains are know to get their fair share of snowy conditions. The fastest we’ve ever made it is around 1 hour, but you can usually budget for 2.

What kind of food is available on this trip?

Asni is quite small, so choice is a little limited, but what choice is there is often delicious!

We keep in contact with trusted restaurants and cafes to ensure our guests have a seat at the table and can enjoy a hot meal including both meat and vegetarian options, usually cooked in a style authentic to the Asni region.

How many people can take the trip?

Morocco Sunny Days can accommodate 4 people safely and comfortably on this day trip. If you need more, we can arrange for extra transport.

Is it possible to visit Imlil on this trip?

Yes! All of our day-trips are fully customizable and the request to visit picturesque Imlil at the foot of the Jbel Toubkal (highest peak in North Africa) is a common one – just let us know you’re keen and we’ll tell you how and how much.

Do I have to use a Day Trip company to get to Asni?

No – some buses and even taxis may be able to get you to Asni and even Imlil, however we can never recommend it out of duty for our guests.

Sadly due to it’s picturesque nature, Asni attracts a lot of tourists and pick-pockets always follow.

Having a local guide means we can not only keep you safer from pickpockets, but also guide you to safer, most trusted restaurants, guard against scammers and bring you to Asni and back in both style and comfort.

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Private Day Trips and Tours Service

At Morocco Sunny Days we’re forever running happy tourists up into the Atlas mountains to enjoy the beauty and serene nature of Asni and Imlil.

We’re able to do it with confidence because we know that we can offer a safe, secure and enjoyable experience using our trusted 4-wheel-drive vehicles, driven by vetted local guides who are happy to help.

Our trips and tours are completely bespoke, so get in touch for a quote using your intended travel dates and we’ll be more than happy to tailor your Asni experience.

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Asni and Imlil are firm favorites with guests and staff members alike – Get started planning your visit today by asking for more information.

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