4×4 ATV, Camels and Quads

  • Travel Morocco in safety and comfort
  • 4x4 ATV Toyota Landcruisers
  • 1.5 hour camel rides in the Sahara
  • Quad bike options in sand dunes
  • Both day trips and long tours available

Morocco Tours and Trips Transportation Guide

With Morocco Sunny Days, your comfort and safety are just as important to us as the memories you make along the way, whether you are taking a day trip from Marrakech or journeying across the sands of the Sahara on a week-long tour of Morocco.

Unlike many tour Moroccan tour companies, we invest heavily in our vehicles and transportation, ensuring that your ride is not only physically comfortably but also as safe as possible.

4×4 ATV Tour Vehicles

In pride of place are our 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser ATVs. Recently purchased, spacious, clean and robust, these all-terrain monsters are more than capable of taking our guests around this beautiful country in comfort and safety.

Secure and stylish and with great suspension for off-roading in the desert and tackling the Atlas mountains, we know you’ll love our ATVs as much as our guides do.

Tourists riding camels in the sand dunes

Camel Rides in the Desert

Easily one of our tour guests’ favourite activities when travelling to the Sahara or the Erg Chebbi dunes, riding a camel is easier than you think with the help of our desert guides.

Where possible, we’re happy to take our guests on 1.5 hour camel rides through the dunes, usually as part of a trip to a nomadic style camp where our guests will dine and spend the night.

Two guests of Morocco Sunny Days enjoying quad biking in the desert

Quad bike in the desert

If the magic of camel riding looks a little dull for your tastes, it is often possible to swap your humped friend for a petrol engine and jet over the sand dunes on a quad bike.

Transportation FAQs

Are the ATVs comfortable?

Our guests would certainly say so, even on some of our longer trips! Our Land Cruisers are luxury class and feature a whole host of mod-cons to keep you cool and comfortable.

They can safely accommodate 4 people not including the driver, although we recommend 3 to leave a little extra room.

Can you go in more than one ATV?

Absolutely, while there is a maximum of 4 people to a vehicle, we have access to more vehicles if you’d like to turn your trip or tour into a convoy!

Are camel rides cruel?

Camels have gone through thousands, even millions of years of evolution to help adapt them to their desert habitat, and much like horses, have been bred to cope with the relatively small extra weight of your average human.

We also take care to use camel ride providers who have a proven track record of looking after their animals in the best possible way.

That being said, there are some desert conditions that may mean we have to cut the camel riding portion short or cancel it all together for the safety of both you and the animals, but these situations are quite rare.

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Bespoke Luxury Morocco Tours

Every aspect of your Moroccan trip or tour can be customized to your liking with Morocco Sunny Days, including your transportation.

Although most people are more than happy with our 4x4s, some guests have special requirements or wishes and we’re more than happy to accommodate them wherever possible – just contact out bookings team to discuss your travel preferences and we’ll do our very best to make it happen for you.

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